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From The Desk Of Troy Fullwood

Chandler, AZ
Hey There!

Thank you for wandering over to my page! A little about myself and my book "Power of Paper"...

I don’t consider myself in the paper business, but instead I’m in the solving financial problems for people business. I just happen to use paper as a vehicle. 

There are more varieties of notes today and people are starting to use them in different ways ...

Can you relate to this scenario? I had a very sweet lady who inherited some notes from her husband when he died. She found herself being a paper manager when she had no idea what paper was. She was clueless! She told me, "I have no idea what to even do with this stuff." I sat down with her, went over everything, and as we outlined a plan, she told me that all she really wanted to do was travel. She wanted to go see her grandkids more and go spend time with her daughter who lived several states away. This veered me in the right direction. She was able to sell her home and move closer to her family. She was very grateful and told me, "This is what I've always wanted." I was able to make her dream come true, while also preserving her husband’s efforts and his desire to look out for her.

Good Information Is Imperative To People's Success!

I see that there are a lot of people involved in real estate nowadays, especially the fix and flip market. I see the banks are not addressing the under-served side of the consumer base, meaning people that earn less than $150,000. Home ownership, as far as home values go, is not typically served or addressed by the banks. There's this higher percentage of our population that ultimately, for lack of better words, is shooting from the hip in trying to do the right thing. Their goal is to do the right thing, but they keep missing the target. Ultimately, when they miss the target, it costs them money. That money can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The industry as a whole has started to learn about paper, but they really don't understand how to fine-tune what they're doing. It's kind of like the idea of writing a book. We can go to the library and see all kinds of books all day long, but how does it get from our head to the paper? The same thing is true in the note and paper business as a whole. You'd be surprised how fragmented it really is.

My mission is to help people that are in the residential real estate investing market, but they're wandering around, trying to figure out what they would like to do. These are typically people that are jumping from seminar to seminar, looking to figure out what they want to do.
The Goal Of This Book...

Is to create a resource manual for investors who are using this model and this technique in their business to grow their business. To help them produce better quality notes. To help them get more money out of their notes when they sell them. It's not necessarily tied to higher interest rates or shorter terms, it’s tied to a variety of things. I’m going to get into more of that as the book goes on. 

The more people that have a copy of this book, the better they're going to be as investors. I'm in Arizona, but even in Arizona I haven't talked to all the folks here. This puts that word out there and helps people to have a manuscript/game plan for helping more and more people all the time. I feel that It's an under-served market.

I think there's a lot of people out there that have the desire. They want to do better, they want to create better loans. They want to create better deals, and hopefully this helps them accomplish that.

I learned years ago that if you can solve problems, you can make very good money doing it. There's always going to be problems and there's always going to be a need and there's always going to be a reason for it. I enjoy what I do, working with notes, because it brings about different challenges all the time.

I want this to be the beginning of a relationship with me, my office and the readers of our book, not the end.
Going forward I will be covering all different kinds of paper, but in the end, I want to show you what kind of paper actually works best.
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Learn  How to Increase the Profits in Any Investment Portfolio...
Get Your FREE Copy of My Book The "Power of Paper"!
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As Albert Einstein once said...“Compound Interest Is The Eighth Wonder Of The World. He Who Understands It, Earns It ... He Who Doesn't ... Pays It.”  

Investing in mortgage notes can be a profitable, lucrative and rewarding business venture. Think about it like this…Mapmakers once drew dragons on maps to warn sailors of risk involved with entering unexplored waters. After seeing these drawings some sailors literally believed that a dragon inhabited the ocean. These sailors refused to venture beyond safe, known territory. 

Other sailors saw the dragon differently. They recognized that the dragon symbolized adventure, an opportunity to learn and grow and see new things.

Like the sailors, you’re entering foreign territory when you invest in mortgages. You can view this form of investing as something to be feared and avoided or you can recognize it as a new opportunity.

The choice is yours!

Get ready to change, enhance and grow your Investment Portfolio using the methods in this FREE book. 
I'll Pay For The Book, You Cover The Shipping!
Tell Me Where to Ship Your Free Copy Today!
Learn  How to Increase the Profits in Any Investment Portfolio...
Get Your FREE Copy of My Book The "Power of Paper"!
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